For this you will need to have firebird development package already installed on the system and also Qt 5.3. First, we go to the plugin source location:

cd <QtPath>/5.3/Src/qtbase/src/plugins/sqldrivers/ibase

Unless we edit on he of the project includes, the build will fail, so let’s edit this. (I use joe, use whatever you like):

joe ../../../sql/drivers/ibase/qsql_ibase.pri

Once file is open for editing, find the following line:

!contains(LIBS, .*gds.*):!contains(LIBS, .*libfb.*):LIBS += -lgds

and change it to this:

!contains(LIBS, .*gds.*):!contains(LIBS, .*lfb.*):LIBS += -lgds

(the reason of changing this is that you specify later LIBS+=-lfbclient, so there will be no lib in front of fbclient)

All set, build and install:

<QtPath>/Qt/5.3/<platform>/bin/qmake "INCLUDEPATH=<firebird header files>" "LIBS+=-lfbclient"
 make install

On my system, by default the <firebird header files> are located in the /usr/include/firebird folder.

Code to test the database connectivity:

QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase(“QIBASE”);
db.setHostName(“your host here”);
db.setDatabaseName(“your database file (with path) here”);
db.setUserName(“your username”);
db.setPassword(“your password”);
bool ok =;

if (!ok) {
   QSqlError err = db.lastError();
   qDebug()<<“woopsie error opening database:”<<err.text();
} else {
   qDebug()<<“Database successfully opened.”;


Happy coding.