Who am I who I’m not? This does not really matter. What am I and what I’m not? Hmm .. that isn’t important either. Some of you know me, more or less, some of you don’t. And this does not matter either. What I do at work? That is boring techno-blabla most of the time. What I do when I’m not at work? That mostly depends with who I spend the time and what mood I have.

What’s with this blog? Hmm .. everybody seems to have one, so I guess why not? There are things which are to be shared and to be read, as well things which are to be shared, and read, but their meaning is behind the lines.
Maybe you’ll find here interesting things. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll see the ideeas hidden behind the words and the empty spaces. Maybe you will just close the browser, with a bored what-the-fuck expression. Either way, life goes on …

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