Bear Cave, 2009

Bears Cave was discovered in 1975 when miners dynamited in the local marble quarry. They found a cave approx. 1,5km long (on two levels) and 0.5m high, formed in tens of thousands of years. It was named Bears Cave after the many fossil remains of a certain species of bear (cave bear: Ursus spelaeus), extinct for some 15,000 years now.

The skeleton of bears were discovered in 1975 when the cave was explored for the first time by an amateur speleologists group who called themselves “Speodava”.

The cave was first time opened to the public in 1986, after being modernized with paved sidewalks and electricity. Although not impressive in size, the cave has amazing formations of stalagmite and stalactite, as well as a lot of like marks and fossils of cave bear.

The cave is almost 1 km long, but open to tourists are passages that together sum 488 m. The rest 521 are closed to the public and treaded as scientific reservation.

You’ll be entering the cave through an entrance situated at 482 altitude and visit in oreder The Bears Gallery, the Emil Racovita Gallery and the Candles Gallery and exit through the Olds’ Council.

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