Zakynthos, 2008

So, after long years if waiting a good time to go to Greece, finally I ended up there, to be more exact onto Zakynthos island, during my two week summer vacation.

The route was this year something similar to the one last year in Egypt, namely we went to Budapest, from where we took a flight to Zakynthos. This way (by flying from Hungary instead of Romania) is a bit cheaper ๐Ÿ˜›
So after 1h 40 min, finally we landed onto island, which is a really nice place. Weather was warm and nice, and we couldn’t wait the end of travel company representative’s introduction. We wanted to splash in water, as soon as possible. Our base camp was in Tsilivi, a really nice location, quiet and seems like with quite acceptable prices, considering we were on an island, where usually everything is a bit more expensive.

Finally we went through getting the room, listening the travel company representative’s introduction, and lots of mumbo-jumbo about renting cars, going with boat around the island, navaggio, etc.. It was quite bored, since we havent planned to take any of the travel company’s activities or services, since it is better to look around before you just jump into something.

After some time killing on the beach, we went to Tsilivi, and we found Tsilivino Family taverna, following the tips of one of our neighbors. I have to say this. Food is awesome in most of the places. So it was here. They were paying lot of attention to their clients, and made us feel like we were in family. And God, their food was awesome .. and the cold Mythos beer, served in frozen glass, was like from another world.

We rented a car, a little kia picanto, in order to explore the island. However, figuring out how to go to arrive where you supposed to arrive, it is an art itself, since there are lot of small roads (btw, good quality roads), with lot of indicators, however figuring them out is an another story.

We have visited lot of places, most of them showing really nice views to our eyes.

  • Alikanas, Alikes – their beach is very alike, with sand, warm water. We had to go quite a big distance in order to get an acceptable deep water ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Katastari – a place to make really nice panorama photos.
  • Xigia – awesome beach with rocks and cliffs. There is no sand on beach, just lot of small rounded rocks, most of them white ๐Ÿ˜›
  • St. Nicholas – crowded and expensive. Just passed through. Initially we thought to eat here, but after checking 2-3 almost-full taverns, we preferred to try an another place.
  • Volimes – we went this location couple of times, since couple of times didn’t matter which way we turned, ended up here. It’s a small village, with lots of places where you can buy traditional souvenirs, artifacts, etc
  • Anafonitria – I dont quite remember this , but we went through
  • Navagio – a beach with withe sand and a old, rusty pirate ship. Nice place to visit, because of the panorama (when viewed from top) or for the beach (unfortunately we couldn’t go there since one of the ships leaked some oil)
  • Porto Vromi – another place for taking photos
  • Exo Hora – the village where lives the oldest olive tree.
  • Ag.Leoni – Limnionas – another locations for nice photos of blue water, cliffs, rocks, etc.
  • Porto Roxa – cold water, but really nice black cliffed beach. Sunset looks quite good from here ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Kiliomeno, Lithakia – small villages
  • Zakynthos town – Interesting, a bit too crowded with cars
  • Gerakas – nice beach, where the Careta-careta turtles have the nests, so there are some rules you have to follow if you want to stay there. One of the most warmest waters around the island.
  • Porto Koukla – small sandy beach, with warm water, things to see under water,etc.
  • Agios Sostis – The place where you can see the careta-careta turtles, if you wake up early enough, and you have a lucky day. We had ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Marathia – interesting place, with nice white cliffs going into water. Interesting place to take a bath, however water is a bit cold..
  • Keri – it’s sayd it is the best place to take picture of sunset. Also,. here you can find the largest greek flag in the world.
  • Laganas – party party party (bleah teens teens teens, drunk drunk drunk :P)

Bellow you have some pictures around Zakynthos:

Anyway we learned couple ofย  useful things while being there:

  • If you go to a tavern, then choose one where people are eating. Specially if eating time. Usually where no people are consuming food, it’s either too expensive, or bad quality.
  • Trust travel company, but don’t take everything granted. Look around and ask questions about the activities they offer. Most of the time you will find other offers, with way better price / experience ratio. This is true for example when renting cars.
  • Don’t jump into first offer you get for an activity. Look around and ask, you will be surprised how many things the seller wont tell you (eg. you can go to blue cave trip with one of 3 big boats, boot no one tells you they wont enter into the cave,since they are too big. They also wont go to Navagio beach if weather is windy. For this you will have to go with a small boat, which will enter into the caves,and also has no problem putting you onto Navagio beach even in windy conditions)
  • Watch your steps in water, bottom of sea is and can be dangerous
  • And finally, but not last, have fun, that’s why you are there ๐Ÿ˜€

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