Tuesday morning blue

Yeah, a bit late with this, I know ..

Another year passed away, as usually my birthday is not an exceptional day for me, but opposite, I tend not to like them too much. They just pass away, remembering us whatever we do, in the end it wont count, we are what we are and we are bound to live the life in one way, from the beginning until the end, and no one can escape his finality. Would be much interesting the opposite way, as someone said?. We should born old, and as ve live, we should get younger and younger,and finally end our live in an orgasm? I don’t know. Would be better if we could restart everything from 0? Dunno. There are couple of things I would like to be able to do and sometimes I’m wondering what would be if this could be possible. One of them would be to be able to go back in various moments of my life ..I’m wondering, knowing what I know now, my decisions could be the same? I would end up changing things, or I would change something? I don’t know. There are moments where probably if I could return, I would stay forever..
Sometimes I wonder what I would find out if it would be possible for me to read minds, to see what other people think. Not every time, all day long.. just sometimes, in some moments, you know, when you look into someone’s eyes and you see, there is more left to say than the words just spoken, and you know, whatever you do, it won’t be possible to find out what. What would be if I would know those things? Would they change my relation with that person? Would make me look even deeper into those eyes and smile? Or maybe to turn my head away?
Maybe there is a reason why we cannot do those things and othes like, but for moment I can’t think to a good one…

Despite these, the life goes on, doesn’t take in account if we’re sad or happy, smiling or blue .. As for love, like Coelho wrote:

“[…] The gods throw the dice, and they don’t ask whether we want to be in the game or not. They don’t care if when you go, you leave behind a lover, a home, a career, or a dream. The gods don’t care whether you have it all, whether it seems that your every desire can be met through hard work and persistence. The gods don’t want to know about your plans and your hopes. Somewhere they’re throwing the dice- and you are chosen. From then on, winning or losing is only a question of luck. The gods throw the dice, freeing love from its cage. And love can create or destroy-depending on the direction of the wind when it is set free.”

Blue Tuesday morning with lot of bad mood and rain to match the feelings. But life goes on..

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